Beach wedding inspired by the bright light of the sun and the cobalt blue of the sea.

We transformed a beautiful spot on Spetses island into a summer feast of the senses!

Spetses is a Greek island near Athens that is worldwide known for its aristocratic romance, beautiful beaches and magical sunsets. Cannot miss to mention that the only way to move around the island is by carriage and motorcycles.

Cheerful energy, summer breeze, aristocratic beauty

and many more words needed to describe a destination wedding like this!

Bright colours blend perfectly together with summer aromas of wet sand, fresh cut fruits and variety of flower fragrances. That combination created a totally Grecian chic beach wedding experience.

The magical view to the island from the church’s yard, the flower composition of sunflowers, blue hydrangeas and greenery and the horse ride to the church compose a fairy-like ceremony scenery. Just perfect for the union of the couple!

A stop for fresh lemonade and cherries to warm the appetite of the guests before they moved to the dinner area!

A beautiful chic beach dessert station in summer colours of ocean blue and bright yellow welcomed the guests, creating a stunning first impression luring everyone in the overall concept.

Naked cakes, appetising miniature cupcakes, enjoyable cake pops, biscuits with personalised touches, delicious meringues and macaroons all in concept colours, artfully platted.

White long tables and chairs named after the most summer reminding words. In addition, beautifully decorated compositions with plethora of flower and greenery, chic white small vases and crystal candle jars.

After the dinner was served, rich in Mediterranean flavours and seafood variety, it was time for the dancing to start. All guests, including the couple danced all night long and enjoyed themselves till early morning hours.

It was a summer beach wedding under the blue sky of Greece and the endless rhythm of Greek music playing…celebrating only love and happiness!

Vaso & Akis

Kaiki, Spetses

Sotiris Tsakanikas

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