Mixing the luminous class captivated in the natural wonder of a pearl

with ethereal elegance and golden influences.

We created an evening that was eternally timeless

and hosted an elegant romantic wedding celebration under the Athenian moonlight!

Coloured with the elegant palette of champagne crème, pastel hues, dusty pink, greyish taupe, lavender green
and sparkles of gold. The open space bathed everyone with a feeling of fleeting luxury.

Glows drifted like pale shadows in every corner evoking romance and high aesthetic.

Countless candle-filled inox lanterns all over the entrance path
along with amphoras adorned with rich flower compositions
created a stunning first impression luring everyone in the overall concept!

The floral wedding design was composed of peonies, garden roses, hydrangeas, eucalyptus, brunia and grey greenery.
Inspired by gardens at summer night where pales and luminous blooms seem to glow in the dark.

Fine crystal chandeliers, mirrors, luxurious textures, crystal glassware,
chic dinnerware,
plethora of candles and theatrical scenographic effects
were the key elements for this sparkling yet elegant romantic wedding festivity!

A table overflowing with delicate confections in a purely pale palette yet secretly suffused with most decadent of flavours.
On antique style synthesis, a magnificent and romantic display enriched with floral compositions
called the wedding guests to indulge into delicate tastes artfully platted.

Crystal antique vases were filled with custom biscuits, miniature cup cakes,
cakes in pink dressing and white paper craft cones.
The focal points were two enchanting hanging crystal chandeliers, candle lit in crystal antique glasses, antique mirrors and small stoned amphoras
holding compositions of fragrant flower arrangements, succulents and greenery.

We carefully designed every element
and created an elegant romantic wedding scene bustling with elegance and sparkle..
Mirrored tabletops, plenty of candles in crystal glasses, luxury linen napkins and small antique bottles with flowers completed the elegant romantic wedding art de la table!!!

Scenes rich in emotions reminding everyone the wedding party is a celebration of the most precious feeling…love!

Summer & Nasser

Venue Residence Island, Athenian Riviera

Elias Kordelakos

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