On a special day of July,

A grand outdoor space of a private villa in Mykonos was transformed into a luxurious wedding destination!

A lush set up was introduced to the couple and their friends that was ethereal and eclectic.

In addition, hugged by crystal clear vases filled with candles, surrounded by extravagant compositions of flowers, coloured with shades of violet and peachy pink…

A beautiful aquatic background was filled with the warm colours of a Greek sunset. Under a floral arch, two people exchanged their vows, while promising only one thing…to love one another!

And that was enough for the wedding celebrations to begin!

With passion and a pitch of sugar,

Over a massive mirrored surface, appears a magnificent and dynamic display enriched with floral compositions. In addition, crystal platters filled with miniature cup cakes drizzled with icing in white, purple, pink and gold tones.

The focal point was the teardrop shaped enchanting crystal chandelier that finished the lux scenery!

By the side, a special construction with the word “LOVE” made the Mykonian sunset scenery unbelievably rich and soulful. Hence, that reminded everyone this wedding party is a celebration of the most precious feeling, but this time expressed by colour and passion!

Greenery and touches of flowers filled a massive wall and composed the perfect wedding photo booth!

A little further a vintage secreter where the guests found custom made wedding wish cards along with stylish pens, and wrote down their wishes for the couple to cherish.

We created a luxurious scene bustling with elegance and sparkle and created every detail in the large mirror styled tables

A large crystal chandelier dominated in the centre of the dinner area.

Crystal sous plats, plenty of candles, luxury linen napkins and finest gold cutlery were upgrading even more the wedding art de la table!

We fulfilled that couple’s dream…they owned the Mykonian sunset for a day, which coloured perfectly their wedding day and filled the air with pure magic!

Noor & Mohammed

Private Villa, Mykonos

Les Anagnou

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