Greek traditional pre wedding at Costa Navarino

An amazing Greek traditional pre wedding set up was created at the Romanos Resort to welcome the wedding guests on their arrival in Costa Navarino, Messinia, Greece.

And the celebrations began..!

The theme of the Greek traditional pre wedding event was the transition from the ancient period to the recent years. Time froze to the past and the guests participated on a series of interactive events that introduced them the Greek culture!

As the guests arrived at the Romanos Resort of Costa Navarino, they were welcomed by the Greek Gods and Goddesses wearing white long togas, arbors and golden leafed wreathes, powering the feeling of entering in an ancient greek palace!

Scent is perhaps the most transportive trigger of all senses connected directly to emotional memory. Furthermore new scents are often subconsciously linked to an event so we offered to the guests an experience to be linked inextricably to their memory.

While they entered the garden of the resort they passed to another period of time were the traditions of Messinia woke up all their senses. They viewed a beautiful greenery backdrop full of lemon, orange and olive trees. They were able to collect the fruits, smell their aromas when they were just cut off the trees and then taste them into refreshing juices!

Warm, freshly baked bread, olive dips and Messinian olives were rich in colour as they were in taste. Women in traditional, colourful Messinian costumes were cooking pies in front of the guests letting them be a part of the Greek cooking process.

And of course a Greek welcome was more than that!

As the guests moved along there was a feast prepared!

Long, wooden, monastery tables with white and blue chairs, decorated with vases full of chamomile, lavender and olive leaves. Dinnerware in a warm, earthy brown colour and vintage silver touches upgraded the art de la table of the pre wedding dinner!

The Greek traditional pre wedding event ended beautifully, with a lot of dance! Greek dancers in traditional costumes presented and taught the guests the local dances!

Then the spirit of the night was uplifted even more, with the Greek tradition of smashing plates and dance upon them!

With the Greek traditional experience as their first impression, guests were ready to move along to a series of wedding events taking place in amazing Costa Navarino.


Costa Navarino, Peloponese

Labros Papadonikolatos

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