Wedding in Greek Islands

Wedding in Greek Islands


For DeplanV destination weddings in the Greek Islands are about the soft and the strong.

They reflect how many layers weddings have, as they are not just one thing! DeplanV destination weddings are in two words …
extraordinary getaways!

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From always in Vogue Mykonos where weighty names of international jet-set rub shoulders with helipad magnates and boating tycoons, to the refined hedonism of Santorini’s state of mind, where languid poolside days melt into practically coral sensory captivating sunsets, and from the retro vibes of cubist Cycladic architecture indulged by the most discerning in the sweetly decadent Paros and Antiparos to the statement vacay of Sifnos, Crete and Kefallonia, destination weddings in the Greek Islands ignite wanderlust and satisfy the soul, laced in mythical tales and ancient, sun-bleached ruins.

Surround yourself with the ancient ruins of Delos or wander through the spellbinding Hydra, you can almost sense the palpitating energy of Hollywood myths moving alongside you. Medieval walled Rhodes lets you and your guests step through a window into times past. The celebrated Spetses, the island of spices, impressive as its 18th-century marbled mansions and the iconic colonial beauty of Hotel Poseidonion, come steeped in glorious light and dotted with natural beauty.

Quieter isles, scattered on nearly every corner of the Aegean and the Ionian Seas, filled with mystery and overgrown with florals, 2nd-century mosaics, Greek and Roman architecture as well as immaculate gardens, are ready to get your destination wedding to new heights.

Embrace the voluminous ruffles of a world yet to be explored between light and shade in DeplanV premium collection of Greek Island destination weddings.