Wedding in Athens

Wedding in Athens

Filled with charm and an easy elegance a wedding in Athens places you in one of Europe’s must see cities.

The enchanting capital has been the birth place of civilization, worshipped by gods and people, flourished in ancient years and relives through some of the most formidable edifices. Think of a luxurious wedding with the Acropolis view by the historic triangle of Plaka, Psiri and Thisio. Expect high art around every inconspicuous turn in the historical center when at the same time her southern part is graced with fancy restaurants and high-end hotels hugged by the mediterranean blue sea. Whether you envision your wedding ceremony on a golden-sand beach, a top cliff overlooking the sea for your wedding dinner, within a blooming garden, the options for your wedding destination in Athens is as limitless as your imagination.

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The largest array of treasures is found in Athens. From the warm welcome to every fabulous wedding festivity, Athens whisk you away to witness one culturally stunning wedding celebration. With a strong traditional culture comes a contradiction of modernity along with impeccable services. The country’s fruitful history is scattered amongst its fashionable and contemporary capital in which one can see buildings on a scale that conjures up a scene from the glorious past.

The wedding destination allows your friends and family to explore a new city, new tastes, different climates while visiting a beautiful wedding destination. Nearly interrupted sunny weather, blossoming flowers, brilliant blue sky and the coastline in her southern part, Athens is a thrilling and exuberant wedding destination. A beautiful hostess where you savor every sip of delicate wine, your heart and soul go into every flower design that your hands touch, your eyes rest over the vastness of the of the blue sea and your wedding celebration turns to a night-to-remember for all your guests.

For couples seeking an elite destination wedding, our team has the operational skills and experience in planning an unsurpassed, opulent wedding to exceed the most selective guests.

From classically chic and luxurious weddings to bohemian weddings by the beach, we plan exceptional weddings that magically will sweep you away!