Destination Weddings Greece

So there you are with all your perfectly edited, perfectly tailored, perfectly timeless wedding plans to have a wedding celebration that you and your beloved ones will cherish for a lifetime!

You’re about to embark on the most important journey of your new life together.

You have every excuse at your disposal to cave and go for the most incredible, most shining, over the top destination wedding! Where the magic is palpable, where your hearts skip a bit faster, where the multifaceted art of savouring life and its joys kindle your wanderlust reveries you will find that DeplanV’s destination wedding agenda is a vast one!

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Haute and exclusive resorts, quaint castles, decadent vineyard estates, heavenly villas, and sprawling getaway nooks, served by our premium teams in collaboration with cream of the crops liaisons, planned to the finest seam, dotted with the most private, most exorbitant rarities. Your destination wedding dreams are to be born of encounters with vibrant cities, honey pot islands, lakeside retreats, and new private finds on the map! DeplanV destination weddings are coutured so that you enjoy
5-star services with grand design and bold excess!

From the sizzling Greek islands and the welcoming opulence of Mainland Greece, to the festive joys of Italy, DeplanV destination weddings are designed for you to celebrate with family and friends, to combine supreme luxury, topmost comforts and festive joy, and welcome the dawn of your new life together in spectacular style!










wedding in santorini

DeplanV, THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. You made our dream come true. It was better than anything I could have ever imagined and we were surrounded by you guys, such an amazing lovable team. Will keep you in our hearts and memories for ever !!

Alexandra & Maxime

wedding in santorini

The team has been remarkable all along and we thank you for all the efforts. Our guests, too, were all impressed by the way the events were run and by the professionalism of you all.
Thank you all for your hard work and please keep doing this with all the passion you have for it!

Diane & Samuel

wedding in athens

Fede and I would like to thank you for accomplishing the most extraordinary and magical wedding, it was dream. Everything was perfect from the beginning until the end. You exceeded all our expectations. I wish we were getting married again next week!!!

Nico & Fede